Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tunnels & Trolls: The Solo-Play RPG

Tunnels & Trolls
(1975) is among the oldest RPG's in existence, second only to Dungeons & Dragons (1974). Created by Ken St. Andre, and published by Flying Buffalo, the game was written to be a more accessible alternative to D&D, being suitable for both solitaire and group gameplay.

The thing I like most about T&T is that it supports true solo play. Just you, a rainy day, a steamy cup of coffee, some dice, and your trusty T&T solo RPG!

T&T has seen many editions, now in it's 7th Edition (7.5), remaining relevant for almost 40 years now. The 5th Edition (1979-2005) of T&T was the longest running, and most definitive version, of the game.

This RPG had never had a campaign world, opting to leave the design up to the GM's imagination, but, in 2005, Flying Buffalo released T&T 5.5 Edition, which included Ken St. Andre's house campaign setting, Trollworld (now considered the 'default setting' by many).

Flying Buffalo released many solo adventures, so GM's have quite a few to choose from, with most of the ones listed below using 1st-4th Edition rules:

Solo Adventure #1 - Buffalo Castle

The first ever solo RPG adventure, published in 1976 and designed for a warrior of levels 1-2. Explore a pretty basic dungeon, which acts as an introduction to the T&T rules too.

Solo Adventure# 2 - Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon

Step inside and adventure on the incredible Trip of the Lion - or, for the faint of heart, the Trip of the Frog. A full fledged house of horrors for characters of all types and levels (recommended for those under 5th level).

Solo Adventure #3 - Labyrinth

A scenario based on Greek mythology, for warriors levels 1-2.

Solo Adventure # 4 - Naked Doom

They caught you, and now you must go on a forced march through the Royal Khazan Gauntlet of Criminal Retribution and Rehabilitation. For a warrior, levels 1-2.

Solo Adventure # 5 - Dargon's Dungeon

There are 3 editions of Dargon's Dungeon.

Solo Adventure # 6 - Weirdworld

In Weirdworld, you are transformed into an enterprising and intrepid fighter who must brave an incredible series of bizarre adventures. Fantastic adversaries, preposterous anachronisms, rich rewards, and a proprietor with a twist to his sense of humor - all promise to make delving difficult - but exciting - for all.

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